So…I think I’m going to try weaving.


Weaving’s rich history spanning generations and cultures.

Today I stumbled on something my mind had been silently processing for some time, weaving. It’s one of those art forms that you index away waiting for the right time to gather the creative force to begin this particular endeavor.

It amazes me how history has been colored by the skillful hands of weavers, creating memories of their people and imprinting their creative forces in a humble warp and weft. I have visions of a large, crazy loom with what seems like a thousand colors but first I need to start small…

First thing I am going to do is make a loom. Combing the internet has led me to some surprisingly simple ways to create your first loom. You can try using a picture frame as Hello Hydrangea did here, or make one from cardboard as Craft Leftovers did here, for an even simpler version of the cardboard loom Craftstylish here – this is probably one I’m going to try first.

As soon as I get it all up and running I will make sure to keep you guys posted! Have any of you tried to make your own loom? Please share the wisdom tell us what worked for you!